Summer 1971: Odiya families living in Toronto, Hamilton and nearby areas gathered for a "PakhAla" party at the residence of Sri Gopal Mohanty; voiced their thoughts to form the Canada Chapter of OSA. In the fall of the same year, the small group of Odiyas celebrated the first "Kumara Purnima" featuring folk and Odissi dance recital. Chitralekha Patnaik, an eminent Odissi dancer from Toronto gave a premiere performance

Winter 1972: Odiya families in Canada came together for the fist time to celebrate "Saraswati Puja.

Summer 1972: A memorable three-day cottage picnic was held. It was a very successful event such that it became an annual event in due course of time. Participants from as far away as the USA were attracted to this event. The annual three-day cottage picnic initiated by the Odiyas in Canada was in many ways a precursor to the annual three-day Orissa Society of the Americas (OSA) convention initiated by the Washington chapter in 1983. Except for a period of break, the tradition continues and is a much sought after event.

Summer 1973: Baishaki celebration featured the one act play; "Pahada Ra Atma Katha" by Suren Mohanty (AIR), presumably this is the first time an oriya one act play was staged in North America.

Summer 1975: We hosted a half-day OSA convention with Jnana Ranjan Dash was the convener. Eminent Indian classical Dancer Menaka Thaker from Toronto presented a full-length Odissi repertoire for the first time in the history of the OSA.

as time passed......

Summer 1986: We hosted the OSA convention at Toronto with Ashok Das as the convener. The unique feature of this convention was a three-hour stage presentation on (Late) Mayadhar Mansinha's "The saga of the land of Jagannatha" through music, dance, skit and recitation. Jayashree Mohapatra presented Odishi.